2.6 is out

Hey guys, as we have just released the 2.6 version. Why is it important? Well, we made crazy AR tasks upgrades and a few more essential items: 1) we increase navigation accuracy by a factor of 2. The first point radius is 25 meters, and each other points are 15 meters. The “you are near” […]

UK based, travel-tech affiliates needed

@ Totem Time we make on-demand AR quests. Our game engine can create a dedicated experience for every location, big or small indoor or outdoor. Each quest is a guideless journey that players navigate from point to point while solving riddles and performing tasks. The experiences are 100% digital with a remote deployment process. We […]

Indoor version is out

August is a tricky month. Work-life balance is really hard to maintain, but this year @ Totem Time we managed to do so in a big way. We proud ourselves as the best outdoor AR treasure hunt app out there and guess what? This August we released a … wait for it.. an indoor version!!! […]

The Experience Panel

In a nutshell, we created a great urban game platform. We did it in a way that is both highly fun and interactive to players while offering customers a tailor-made digital experience without a need to invest in production costs. Once done, we went to the market and gave it a go. and it worked. […]

2.3 is out!!! what does it mean?

Totem Time is growing, and 2.3 is a perfect example. So what has changed? A brand new UI! say what?!?! Yep, a brand new UI!! Slicker, cleaner and much more modern look. Open the app and see for yourself! Sponsor mode is available: adding a single sponsor to an adventure. Sponsor mode is so much […]

Sponsorship mode

let’s talk a bit about the business side of Totem Time. @ Totem Time we offer smart cities, tourist sites, and a few other customer types a way to digitalize and gamify their locations. For that, we charge a fee, and visitors get free experience. Now let’s explain how the sponsorship mode works. Totem Time […]

חוויות חינמיות לכל המשפחה

  בפסח הזה יותר ויותר מקומות מציעים  חוויות דיגיטליות חינמות לכולם המקומות הזמינים מצפון לדרום יער ביריה נתניה פארק השלולית פארק כפר סבא פארק רמון גבעת שמואל שרונה תל אביב הפארק הלאומי רמת גן מצפה יער בן שמן פארק ענבה מודיעין יער שרשרת מסלול רכוב להורדת אפליקציה לאנדרואיד להורדת אפליקציה לאיפון חג שמח

Brand new … so much

Hey Guys, So Spring is here, and outdoor experiences start to make sense right? Today we release a significant upgrade to the Totem Time app. What did we change? AR animation: instead of a static Totem right now each time in AR mode a different character awaits with a unique dance. you need to check […]

EIlat CFO conference

great event, great people, great weather Thanks for inviting us and lets turn each park to a digital park