Making locations talk? for real?

The parks, hiking trails, universities, hotels and other business types that use Totem Time do it for multiple reasons. However, all of them try to make their location tell its story. We all know this is the hard part. How can a physical location tell a true story? How can the location communicate? Today release takes […]

Great event @ NRPA

First event and a great one. after dozens of meetings with many industry leaders from parks, consultancy, design and of course playground leaders it seems the Totem Time concept and direction are spot on. It seems that immersive, digital outdoor experience is needed by the entire ecosystem. For all of you that didn’t have a chance to attend please see […]

Going to NRPA

So beta in Israel is moving well. is it time to go global? Well the annual conference for NRPA is next week and we will be there to taste the water… It will be the first event for Totem time. WOW!! As totem time is an outdoor experience we updated our video demo to show off […]

Hurray hurray new version is out

Yes, the long-awaited new version is out. Some of the new features include:  UI makeover no needs for words merely check it out  Our genuinely cool leaderboard, and memory section got upgrades.  Map view upgrades: new menu, new info kiosk, new ‘blank totems.’ Enhanced search options Updated tutorial and enhances language support Video upgrade: inline and […]

Updated T&C and Privacy policy

Hey guys, We updated our T&C and Privacy policy today. next time you sign in you will be requested to approve them. Please make sure you review them and reach out with any questions   Have a great day   TTT = Totem Time Team

הפארק הלאומי מציג: חפש את המטמון דור 4

 פארק הלאומי ברמת גן הודיע היום על אטרקציה אינטראקטיבית חדשה שתפעל בשטחו החל מיום שישי הקרוב, 29 ביוני: TOTEM TIME, משחק הניווט הדיגיטלי, הראשון בארץ. כלל המבקרים מוזמנים להכיר את הפארק באמצעות הרגליים ולקחת חלק במשחק תחרותי, המפעיל את כישורי הניווט, ומאפשר לרכוש ידע בהרפתקה חינמית ומהנה. המשחק מיועד לגילאי 6 ומעלה (ישנה אפשרות לשחק […]

Audio support is here

in the last feature release, two features embrace audio in Totem Time Listen to recordings Players can now listen to recordings the adventure creator created. Audio files are available as a welcome message and in each information kiosk location. Background music Adventure creator can now choose what type of background players will hear during the […]

Going to the store

Hello, treasure hunts lovers!!   For the last few weeks, we are playing with our MVP and improving it dramatically.   Today, we are making another BIG step forward as we are starting our submission process for the app store and the google play store; we are staring a mini launch in Israel and will update […]