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How much does a 30 to 60 minutes of a funny, smart and action pack experience of people and your brand sounds to you?
Allowing people to experience your brand in new ways be present in their special moments!
Totem Time for brands is a full service. Once we identify your needs we will create experiences in the real world to fit your concept. Thinking big? So are we. Totem Time will create for you real-world experiences at scale. Your brand and its identity will be an integral part of each experience
Web reports will let know, number of users, repeat users, engagement rates and many more parameters. Players will complete tasks like writing you logo in stones, take a picture with only the brand colors and more. Then experience itself is educational and funny and offers players more than just brand aware values.
Start harnessing the power of AR games today
As we offer a new experience we took the liberty and created a basic concept table. Feel free to ignore it and apply your ideas to how to use Totem Time for your brand

Brand Categories

Automotive→ fun drives in each city
Telecommunication → a feel for the rural areas to see that we connect you at all times
Entertainment: the life of.. Multiple locations
Food → culinary trips
Travel → multilanguage tourist routes
Sport→ running challenges
Finance → generic fun routes
Retail → City center hunts
Decoration → Graffiti tours
AR-based, your content web reports

Some of Our Now Features

Brand Sponsorship

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Tourism and Travel

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