Check out if you can

Age: kids above 6, families

Length: 60 minutes

Device: mobile app

Number of Players: Several players with one phone


” You can check out whenever you want but you can never leave.”  Hotel California, Eagles. 

Late at night, your car breaks down. Luckily, you are near to an amazing-looking resort. You cannot believe your luck. You wake up your kids and enter the best-looking lobby you ever saw. It feels like a dream. You all jump in the air when they have an available family room.

Your luggage is still in the car and when you try to go out and get it something strange happens! you can’t go out! Very quickly, you understand you must go out before sunrise, or you will never be able to! Can you make it?

Check-out is a virtual escape game made for resorts. During the game, players will encounter complex escape style riddles. Players will move around your open public spaces while looking for digital clues and performing fun tasks. We offer many other solutions like a vacation teaser, guideless tour, fun trivia, and more.

Totem Time is the platform of choice for out of home guideless digital activities. We bring to life the most entertaining stories. Focusing on tech and user experience


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