How to create the best adventure?

How much time it takes to create an adventure?:

Before starting an adventure please prepare 15 to 30 minutes as a minimum time to create the adventure. While the interface is simple it takes time to find the exact points and to create challenges.

Should I create an adventure only after I walked it?

Well not really. You don’t have to ‘walk the walk’ in order to create a very good adventure. However, if you want to use scavenger challenges of image recognition and real-world hidden codes it would be helpful.  For example, if you know a building number you can ask players as a challenge to write it in the app. It will work but please note that players LOVE finding real clues in the real world. For that, you need to be there and plant them.

How Far should the point be from one another?

100 meters (330 Foot) is advised as the minimum as Totem time gives a 50-meter radius for each point.  A larger distance is actually advised as it more fun to navigate and locate totems.

I’m creating an adventure in an area where streets are only partially available what should I do?

No worries simply change the map view in the web app to satellite view and locate totem wherever you want.

Should I add more than one quiz at each point?

It’s really optional and not mandatory. If you ask very difficult questions then sure add more options.

I know the course I want to create but I don’t have any good ideas for questions what should I do?

The internet has many different available resources. Here are a few in English there are many others and in almost every language.


random trivia generator 

Be sure to check out their T&C

How can I tell my players a bit more on each point?

Simple! add the data in the web app and when players click on won Totem’s they will go to a page with all details.

I’m a commercial creator is Totem Time for me?


Yes of course. Totem Time can help your business. Make sure that you fill all of your contact details so players can reach you at any time. As we are just starting out it would be great to have a quick chat to know about your exact needs and to see how we can cooperate in the best way. please contact us at