We created a platform for experiences. Our building blocks are AR, VR, dialogs, riddles, navigation, multistory, whiteboard, tasks, mini-games, voting, timers, animation, rich media, and more.

You can create your very own experience. You do not need to be techy. All you need is your imagination.

But at Totem Time, we learned that while allowing customers to create experiences is important, many customers prefer to get a full service. A ready-made, thoroughly tested experience.

Another equally important aspect is customization. We use the power of DIY for amending and customizing experiences all the time, and since it is easy and simple, we can customize each experience to each customer at no time, and in some cases, the customer creates such. Customization on his own.

Creating a fun quiz or a mini surprise activity is 100% supported. Customizing a ready-made escape game is supported as well.

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