Escape Games are here (and much more)

Escape Games are here (and much more)

Happy new year, everyone.

For 2020 we offer a real upgrade to the game platform. We added escape games! Yep, we did. We also added VR mode for real! We also took riddles into a complete overhaul, update graffiti and so much more. Happy new year guys and let’s create fun memories together.

This version (2.7) includes:

New game types- escape games: Escape games are highly complicated riddles based games. Feel free to check them out here .

Activity teaser: We added virtual reality options. Yes, real VR effects. What does it mean? It means that you can now create a mini experience where players can play at home and get ready to visit you.

Riddle enhancement: Allow for hints, images and answers reveal in case of a skip.

AR validation change: No more our logo, just a neat totem.

Roadblocks are finally here: Roadblocks add a crazy different challenge type. They make sure players’ engagement rates are high throughout the game.

Digital graffiti upgrade: Yes sir, you must try it out!!

Finally, as you noticed, we replaced our website and videos.

Have a great year everyone and don’t stop looking for Totems!