2.3 is out!!! what does it mean?

Totem Time is growing, and 2.3 is a perfect example.

So what has changed?

  1. A brand new UI! say what?!?!
    Yep, a brand new UI!! Slicker, cleaner and much more modern look. Open the app and see for yourself!
  2. Sponsor mode is available: adding a single sponsor to an adventure. Sponsor mode is so much better than a banner; it is a way for a sole sponsor to run a dedicated promotion for players playing the game. The sponsor gets a unique way to advertise and to gather data. The tTotem Time customer gets paid…click here to learn more
  3. We are global. We have signed with global customers and plan to add many more. Also, Totem Time is being used in top tourist sites, and for that, we need to be global. Totem Time is now available in all territories
  4. New in-app purchase. Not all adventures are free players can buy adventures directly from the device.
  5. smaller stuff but essential:
    a. A better way to navigate to the first point
    b. More text options in the success message
    c. Clickable text to enhance riddles, support app downloads, and enhance credits
    d. Search adventure by language e. for the folks that actually create adventures, we added a view that shows all point in the adventure together.
    e. and yes we now support Serbian Здраво
  6. Under the hood: For all of you tech lovers out there: The new UI is 100% responsive; we made the switch to 64 bit and improved API structure significantly

Well that all for now; We are currently hard at work on the next version and trust us, it’s going to be even crazier.