2.6 is out

Hey guys, as we have just released the 2.6 version. Why is it important? Well, we made crazy AR tasks upgrades and a few more essential items:
1) we increase navigation accuracy by a factor of 2. The first point radius is 25 meters, and each other points are 15 meters. The “you are near” notification will start 25 meters before the point. This change makes outdoor games much more accurate and allows to navigate in multiple terrains
2) We added an AR ballon shooter to tasks. Aim at the right balloon color and have a blast
3) We added a head cut board option to allow your visitors to create fun AR-based memories with your branding
4) We added the hangman spelling game as a new task option (the game is available in English alone for now)
5) we fix several bugs in both our game engine and mobile app
6) we added Portuguese

so Olá amigos! and let’s get playing