Brand new … so much

Hey Guys,
So Spring is here, and outdoor experiences start to make sense right?
Today we release a significant upgrade to the Totem Time app.

What did we change?

  1. AR animation: instead of a static Totem right now each time in AR mode a different character awaits with a unique dance. you need to check it out
  2. Tasks have arrived: we boosted our graffiti wall with endless tasks to spice every adventure with funny and engaging moments. Tasks help Totem Time to create memorable moments with your loved ones
  3. No more signup: while there are still some use cases you do need to register in most cases you just need to pick an avatar and a nickname and you are good to go
  4. Home screen new UI: a fresh look that allows each adventure to shine
  5. Info kiosk: new and enhanced flow to enable each one to dwell a bit on essential points

Enjoy it all and believe us its no April fools day announcement it’s for real