Safety first. Please think of players safety before everything else and place your Points in safe places. When playing Totem Time please use common sense and be safe. All game activities are governed by our T&C.


The winner of each adventure is the player that found all points, finished all challenges and got all extra points in the shortest time.


Points calculation

Adventure points

Finish Time

a. Within the timeframe: 100 points; Finishing the adventure within the timeframe the adventure creator gave. Please note that finishing 10% faster or slower is considered within the timeframe.

b. Finishing faster: 50 point credit

c. Finishing slower: 50 points deduction.

Points and Challenges

Each Point adds points based on quizzes difficulty level. more points represent the option to score more points.

a. Easy quizzes: 25 points. Includes multiple answers and video

b. Difficult quizzes: 50 points: Open question and image blur

c. Challenges Task completion: 30 points

Picture and graffiti

Adding Graffiti and taking a picture at a Totem place: 15 points

VIP status

Anyone can play and enjoy Totem Time. VIP status allows for four main benefits:

  1. Pause Adventure time with no points penalty
  2. Create Graffiti. While anyone can see other players graffiti only VIP player can draw their own
  3. Always get can use as many clues and help as you need
  4. Get a cool VIP badge. a perfect reflection of how you treat your players.

Purchasing VIP status is done either by players or creators.


Players can buy VIP status via in-app purchases. Each purchase allows for three VIP games


Commercial creators can add built-in VIP status to their adventures. Noncommercial creators can buy discounted prepaid VIP coupons for their users. In the future, this will be done directly on the site and currently, this can be purchased via this email.

Buying clues

Non VIP players can buy clues if they are lost during an adventure. Please note that you can always click on take me to the next Point and lose the Point scoring


Totem time allows for any number of players to play using a single mobile device in both paid and free options.