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A game of cooperation, wits, and pixel art.

Not your ordinary team building, tough as nails, funny as hell.

“There is no ‘I’ in team
but there is in win.”

– Michael Jordan

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Team Building

Made for a team of 5 or larger – Team work is the only way to make this dream work


Players join forces for a final big puzzle – revealing the big picture


Can be played anywhere, from the office or from home

Avarice saga

Part of a yearlong battle of brains. Full of fun, challenging and unique digital adventures


A different kind of team building, centered around fun and collaboration


Various riddles are curated to your company


Like you never
played before


Small group, Huge one?
Fits every size

Simon Says

Perform tasks for the group
to rate

The Speech

CEO talks?
We made a riddle out of it


Web app. No hassle
simply click and play


Employees videos embeded within

Our customers

Another day at the office, suddenly you receive an Email,
it’s from Avarice, an evil corporation, bent upon the destruction of your company.
There’s still a chance, Avarice is evaluating your worth, do you have what it takes to pass their test?
There’s no time to waste, you gather your team, together you’ll prove you’re unstoppable.
It’s time to resist, defend and take back what’s yours. This is where you draw the line.

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Best for teams looking for


Remote Play




Connect teams together

About the game

A challenging, fun, artistic and engaging building experience.
Solve riddles together, interact, draw and laugh out loud.
You’ll work together, even if your team is physically apart, your minds are about to meet.
Together you’ll paint, pixel by pixel, until the grand finale, it will be picture perfect.

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Copyrights © 2021 TOTEMTIME | All rights reserved.

Copyrights © 2021 TOTEMTIME All rights reserved.