Happiness with
an ROI

Group Study

There’s a challenge in learning, it’s boring – We solve it by having fun.

We created a new, easy and fun way to learn, retain and transfer knowledge.


Play and Learn

We offer a variety of short and fun games aimed at organizational learning,

Our games are played as a group.

We help you teach employees new skills, proper time management, privacy and cybersecurity, inter-organizational regulations, product news and much more. Anything and everything.


Specially Curated

All our learning games are 100% customized for your company needs.



Our games are easily accessible via phone or desktop,

Can be played from home or from the office.

No need for a moderator.

No need to waste employee hours.

We allow you to adapt to a changing environment while increasing efficiency.



As our academy is fun and competitive, we stay away from subjects like sexual harassment and anything else we cannot make fun of.


We promise to give you our full attention.
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