Home Edition is here

What’s new in the new Home Edition version?

Well, the main change is that now you can play at home not only in public places. What else has changed? Well, quite a lot lets take a look:

  1. New dialog: no better to deliver a message then a great dialog.
  2. AR is a stand-alone task. Again a much better way to tell a story.
  3. No order rules: in the past, each point had a specific set of activities that can be played at a particular order. No more. We support any order to make the experiance, much more enjoyable
  4. Push notification to let you know on everything new
  5. Upgraded Audio capabilities
  6. Italian Support
  7. and another small thing… what was it? Well, let us see? Oh yes, we changed the entire UI. ALL OF IT! Don’t you like it? Well, guess what it changes as well for each experience.

Enjoy (Godere)


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