Hurray hurray new version is out

Hurray hurray new version is out

Yes, the long-awaited new version is out. Some of the new features include:

  1.  UI makeover no needs for words merely check it out
  2.  Our genuinely cool leaderboard, and memory section got upgrades.
  3.  Map view upgrades: new menu, new info kiosk, new ‘blank totems.’
  4. Enhanced search options
  5. Updated tutorial and enhances language support
  6. Video upgrade: inline and youtube support
  7. test mode: adventure creators can test their adventure without publishing it. for anyone that created an experience without this the value is self-explanatory
  8. Analytics and charts: yes for commercial users a brand new area for analytics. See time spent, dropoff, return users and much more in dynamic, charts ready for print
  9. Commercial users home page. share all of your data with players in a beautiful way
  10. infrastructure: app version gateway and other backend improvements so we can scale up even faster
  11. Bug fixing: autosave, icon stickiness in creator view and a few others

Finally, those who didn’t have a chance to update our T&C and Privacy settings will need to do so before continuing to play

Enjoy and let us know what you think




The Totem Time Team