Making locations talk? for real?

The parks, hiking trails, universities, hotels and other business types that use Totem Time do it for multiple reasons.

However, all of them try to make their location tell its story. We all know this is the hard part. How can a physical location tell a true story? How can the location communicate?

Today release takes storytelling to a totally different level.

With today’s release, there is a constant communication dialog between the location and player.  VIdeo, Audio text, and images are available to create a meaningful dialog during the game.


“On your right, you can see the reminders of the first immigrant’s buildings” or “You nailed it just like Lincoln did” (and show a quick video).

As always, Totem Time is, first of all, a fun experience. Now, with storytelling enabled, players will actually learn what you are all about.


Looking forward to your feedback.


The Totem Time Team


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