Happiness with
an ROI

Memory Flash rules and how to

1.get the right setup 


2. Know your number:

Each player picks a unique number (1-9) to use throughout the game.

Remember your number and always choose it in-game.

Now answer me this; Each player has a different number from 1-9.

2. Peek, Memorize & Draw:

Each player needs to memorize a unique nonogram. Do so by drawing it on your table draft paper. Earn peeks at the nanogram by solving riddles as a team,

It is not possible to advance in the game independently – only as a team.

Now, riddle me this –Players earn a quick peek at a unique nanogram after solving a riddle.

3. Creating the Big Picture:

When your team has nine pieces of the nonograms,

It’s time to figure out how they fit together,

Cooperate to create one big picture.


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