Happiness with
an ROI

Memory Flash

A Team Bite your employees won’t forget!


Remember those fun Nonograms puzzles?

We’re proud to present the new generation – NonograMemory! (Nonogram with a memory twist).


The Game

A team (5-30 players) working together in the office for around 25 minutes,

Solving team riddles in order to earn peeks at a unique piece of a Nanogram.

Upon completing the riddles and after each player has his own Nanogram written down,

Players join forces for a final big puzzle – revealing the Big picture!

It’s a team bite experience like no other, fun, engaging, challenging, and rewarding.


Customizing the activity

Memory Flash, like all experiences we create, are 100% customized for your company



Can be played whenever you wish.

Each team leader controls the game.

No need for an external moderator.


The Big Picture

This game is part of the Avarice Saga,

A year-long experience – Your company is in a battle against a malicious organization bent on destroying all companies in its path.


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