Totem time idea formalized in the SoHo neighborhood of NYC where we spotted a cool hipster guy creating a treasure hunt for his loved one by using chalk on the sidewalk.  We think a mobile, augmented reality game can mimic this experience and even surplus it in many ways. Totem Time is a self-funded, family operated game where we try to offer a great outdoor experience to people of all ages and interests. We are just starting out and look for your input. please contact us via the website for any question idea or feedback.

We created Totem Time with the goal of being the best digital amenity to any establishment. We embarked on a journey to create a superb visitor experience using all available digital tools. We signed up municipalities, malls, hotels and tourist attractions and helped each one to create a custom made digital experience. 

Then came the coronavirus and our startup had to make a BIG decision: Do we close or wait for the market to come back OR do we innovate and push forward. 

We decided on the latter of course. The new Totem Time offering allows you to play anywhere, even at your home. Our DNA is still the same.
We use the power of digital to connect people. We do it by putting a strong focus on the experience story and the activities generated. We focus on amazing storytelling, each experience is played as a team ( a family at home or remote coworkers playing from multiple locations) and each experience creates unforgettable memories. 

Thank you for showing interest in our journey!