Playing at home with loved ones seems to be an activity type that we all thought to be something that went away. Something that maybe our parents played. Well, one of the many lessons of the coronavirus is that joint home activities or quests as we call them offer unparalleled fun, excitement and bonding . We expect that this concept will stay with us long after the coronavius is defeated.

As an employer you can offer the perfect digital gift for employees with families. No need for a delivery logistics, simply offer the right code and let the fun begin.

We have multiple experiences for you to choose from. All games can be played as a family and all games can be played with friends from their home.

We offer different experiences for different ages. All experiences share the same DNA of play together, use mobile as a device in the real world, solve riddles and perform tasks.

Customised games are supported as well. If you want to make your gift even more special we can custom make an experience for your employees with your values and content making the experience even more fun and memorable.

Make sure to get your ebook to summaries the experience in fun photos and share with everyone.

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