Sponsorship mode

Sponsorship mode

let’s talk a bit about the business side of Totem Time. @ Totem Time we offer smart cities, tourist sites, and a few other customer types a way to digitalize and gamify their locations.

For that, we charge a fee, and visitors get free experience.

Now let’s explain how the sponsorship mode works.
Totem Time does not support banners, data harvesting, or incentive types of advertising. We only support sponsorship mode.

Sponsorship mode allows a single sponsor to offer a digital gift for the players of the adventure. It could be a coupon or anything else that can be delivered digitally. Players that are interested in the offer voluntary shares their email address with the sponsor to receive the coupon in the emir email.

Each sponsor gets
1) Branding: brand name visible in multiple locations within the app
2) gather email address: participant that would like to receive the gift opt-in to share their details
3) content: typically a sponsor will have one riddle and one task that are relevant to its brand values
4) data: a full analytical suite to include how many players played for how long, how they played the game, and so much more

The bigger picture

A totem Time sponsor receives the full attention of payers for around an hour. Players will interact with the brand in a fun, unconventional way offering Sponsors a unique branding experience by real people creating real memories.

Business relationships
The typical way is that the sponsor signs a deal directly with the smart city or the Tourist attraction. Totem Time is not a part of this transaction, and the parties can negotiate pricing and other terms.
As setting up each campaign requires work, a small fee is charged to set up and amend each campaign.

What’s coming next
Some of the experiences at Totem Time requires players to pay. We are currently exploring the options to add Sponsors to those adventures and in the future may introduce to our customer’s Sponsors that pay them for the right to sponsor.