Team Play arrives to Totem Time

Team Play arrives to Totem Time

The world around us is changing, and we at Totem Time change with it. When we founded Totem Time, we wanted to offer a superior visitor experience to multiple locations. Still, as time changes, it’s challenging to provide activities that don’t take into consideration social distancing.

In the previous release, we created Totem Time from Home, and in this release, we complete the transformation by offering Team Play & Team Building activities from home.

Now every Totem Time experience can be played as a team group with a live scoreboard to show updated scores within the group. Players can be in the same room or on in different continents playing and competing together. Players simply click on ‘Play in a group’ then choose a password, and a team game has started. Simple!

Other enhancement that we created:

  1. Multi-Story: We now can show different screens to different players. Making team activities a real option for Totem Time players.
  2. Private code can now be entered directly from the home screen
  3. New adventure unique code with customization for: name, number of devices and dates
  4. Un-skip option for riddles and quizzes
  5. Bug fixing: AR mode will close better, and VR can be viewed without Totems.

The last few months of COVID-19 were challenging for us as a group. We believe we offer the best product in the market today for visitors’ experience, remote team building, and digital escape games.

The next release should make our product even better. Stay Tuned!