The Experience Panel

The Experience Panel

In a nutshell, we created a great urban game platform. We did it in a way that is both highly fun and interactive to players while offering customers a tailor-made digital experience without a need to invest in production costs.

Once done, we went to the market and gave it a go. and it worked. people loved it and our customer’s, tourist locations, smart cities, and others, loved the concept and the business model. Fast Forward to this post subject our launch of the Experience Panel.

We decided to grow by the help of expert people that are intimately aware of their market needs and have a relationship in place. The other option was to hire more and more salespeople on a full-time basis and to educate them. We chose to create the experience panel. Although the pay is actually higher for us as, we prefer to grow with stronger, experienced people.  We prefer to gain your market insights instead of training new fresh salespeople.

If you are an industry veteran in travel or smart cities domain and want to be part of an emerging tech startup please drop us a line. We will together find a way to partner.


The Totem Time team