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Is your Tourist attraction digital? Can you offer visitors a fun guide-less way to explore them?

Totem Time for travel & tourist attraction

Taking a group for a guide-less journey is a challenging task. Doing it with multiple difficulty levels, languages, and a perfect fit for each location is even harder. However, the most challenging task is to allow all sorts of people to have a great time while learning something new. When done right, it’s fantastic.

Tailor-made with no production budget

Each experience we create is custom made for the location and the target audience. We developed a game engine with hundreds of configurable mini-features that can create experiences without asking customers for ANY specific production budget.  Our game engine makes the game more affordable for customers as the production budget is zero.

Players get an excellent tailor-made experience while you don’t need ANY production budget. Sounds crazy? ping us and see for yourself

Selected features

  1. 100% anti-vandalism all is digital nothing will be placed on your site
  2. Multilanguage interface
  3. Sponsorship mode: You can add sponsors to the experience to cover the cost and make a profit
  4. Group mode: an effortless way to customize some or all of the content to fit a specific group interests

Totem Time Customers

Some of Our Now Features

Brand Sponsorship

Video will be available soon!

Tourism and Travel

Video will be available soon!


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