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Totem Time is super simple


Create fun engaging treasure hunts we call ‘Adventures’ in minutes. Simply log in, think of a trail you like to add, quizzes and challenges and boom! Your adventure is ready. Click here for dedicated help.


Once you created an Adventure or you found someone’s else adventure you can share it with friends. All Adventures lead you to a starting point once there the action starts; Get ready


Playing Totem Time is amazing. You need to solve quizzes, finish challenges and of course navigate in the real world. At each Point of your Adventure, a cool Totem is waiting for you and yes you can also write a graffiti on its wall. Give it a try it’s really something

Get Souvenir

All completed Adventures offer you a digital souvenir of the pictures and Graffiti you experience during your Treasure Hunt. Oh yeh, we got you covered.

six reasons to play Totem Time

  • It’s Fun

    Totem Time is a fun and engaging game. The goal is to let players have a blast with their friends and families
  • It’s educational

    Each Totem can be a hub for data on its location. You can educate your visitors on so many topics, and all they need to do is find a Totem and click on it
  • it's sport

    At the outdoors, nothing beats a great exercise. Your visitors will run all over to locate totems and to solve challenges to get a high score
  • It’s digital

    Augmented reality-based, image recognition challenges, virtual graffiti, digital souvenirs and so much more
  • It’s fresh

    Get new content each month to keep the game alive and relevant. Multi-language interface
  • Get data

    See how many players played, evaluate adventure success and optimize your visitor’s experience

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