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"That's what games are, in the end. Teachers. Fun is just another word for learning."

– Raph Koster

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As a business coach/instructor, you know very well that one of the essential things to run a successful business is having the right tools. 
 You may already have a recorded course or a portfolio of recorded lectures.
Many instructors offer live sessions via video conference in person. 
Let’s talk about what we call Workouts.
Workouts are a mash of recorded 10-15 minutes of your content accompanied by a 30-minute of live team game. The games are based on our proprietary tech.
We choose the most suitable game engines for your course.
Making team members cooperate or compete in numerous ways.  


Reach more audiences



Receive an additional monetization channel 


Jump on the Hybrid trend with a dedicated product


Stay ahead of the curve with a promising product


Your sale, your revenues 



We create the workout for you for FREE


To win, players need

to collaborate

Day-to-day scenarios

Different stakeholder’s

points of view


Your challenges

Your game

Simulate decisions

Across the eco-system 


Exercise methodology

Play a game to enforce your methodology


 Who said process meeting needs to be boring?

Our customers

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Our Process

The way we create a course or a workout for you is the following:

It starts with an application. Why? Because creating a course costs us some time. We do it all manually. We DO NOT ask you to pay us, of course, but at this point, we can’t accept all requests. Once we start working, you can expect:

Interview call: 45 minutes of us asking all sorts of questions and trying to understand your key differentiators

Concept +demo: we have an internal meeting and discuss and decide about the best gamification and other options we can offer. We create a simple document and demo and share it with you.

Materials: Once the concept is in place, we know what materials we need from you. You share with us, and we create the course.

Pilot: in many cases, we can start with a mini-pilot. It is not mandatory, but it helps to see if some items that were developed need to be better or more straightforward.


Best for instructors looking for:

New Product


Bigger Reach

More Monetization

Hybrid learning

Fun training

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Copyrights © 2022 TOTEMTIME All rights reserved.