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Effective Learning

In today’s digital age, there has been a lot of talk about the effective use of online learning as more effective than traditional ILT (Instructor Led Training ) training. But does digital training necessarily means video training? 

While video can certainly be effective in some ways, all research suggests that it is less effective than Instructor-led discussions and exercises. The first to establish that was Edgar dale back in 1946 when he introduced the Cone of experience or Dalle’s cone. This is the fundamental model for all L&D to this day. 

Totem Time Workouts allow teams to exercise by playing brand-new game-based exercises, unlike traditional video-based courses, which often lack the level of engagement needed for effective learning. Totem Time Workouts are designed to be self-guided, using simulations, role plays, and many other exercises to create realistic and effective team training exercises. By incorporating game-based learning engines with top instructors’ content, Totem Time workouts create effective and engaging environments for learning that will benefit any team learning together multiple content types. Whether you are looking for teamwork skills or leadership training, Totem Time Workouts has the tools you need to succeed!


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