Happiness with
an ROI



Effective Learning

In today’s digital age, there has been a lot of talk about the effective use of online learning as more effective than traditional ILT (Instructor

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Learning Togther

When it comes to learning, most of us prefer working together rather than going alone. Whether we’re in a traditional classroom setting or logging on

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Welcome Clicky

Clicky is a new interactive mouse that we have designed to serve as a teaching assistant. He can pop up all over the screen in

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The Webinar Hunt

How can you easily boost Webinar engagement? Wondering why ending a webinar with a game is the best practice and should most definitely be a

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Workshop Games

The idea of playing a game dates to the ancient past and is considered an integral part of all societies. For instance, Dice appears to

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The Hunt

Let’s add in a few ingredients  and see what experience we get: Outdoor? checked Hundreds of players at once? checked Random points to create a

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Digital Resorts 

Now is the time to look beyond merely offering a standard family room, embrace fresh, creative, innovative ideas to win business from families, and keep

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Digital Parks

Do you manage a city park? A forest? We can convert them into digital experiences.   A location-based experience full of running, challenges and so

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