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The Experiance Builder

Totem Time started as a navigation game app. Life was simple. There were several companies that were catering to this need, and we focused on AR and VR to distinguish us a bit. Then the business started to grow as well as our product. More and more features, more and more use cases, and lately, we understood that we changed a category from navigation games to digital experiences. 

COVID 19 made us invest even more in the Experience Builder so we can offer all the below. 

Let us share some examples of our offering:  

  1. KidnAPPed is an action-packed multiplayer virtual team building activity. To win, you need to collaborate with team members and develop excellent communication skills (and be very smart..)
  2. We offer multiple in-home escape games. To win, you simply need to be very smart. 
  3. Education content: We teach children about science, and we teach soldiers about past heroic operations. 
  4. We are live in >30 city parks & forests, offering a family navigation game custom for each location.
  5. Birthdays? Bachelor Parties were created as well

What is similar to all of the above? 

All are digital; all played in the real world, and all were created with one builder, our Experience Builder. 

The Experience Builder is a cloud base authoring tool. We do not know of any other rich platform that allows anyone to create amazing experiences. Our basic feature set includes: 

AR elements; VR elements; Riddles; Tasks; Mini-games; Multi storylines, Multiplayer; IVR; Dialogs & Storytellers; Video; Audio; Roadblocks; Map navigation; Location orientation; Info-kiosks Adaptive UI, and more. 

Each experience fits an audience: it could be the hottest cyber company, a medical convention, or your kids’ birthday party. Each experience looks different, acts different, but our Experience Builder creates them all. 

In the next couple of months, we expect to add even more functions and more ready-made experiences

We invite you all to interact with us. Use one of our pre-existing gamification products or use the Experience builder on your own to create a brand NEW product. 


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