Happiness with
an ROI

Recruitment Experience- Candidate Catcher

A new, fun, and engaging way

to get candidates excited about your company!


Show don’t Tell

Your company’s great, it has the best atmosphere.

The mood is cool, the people are awesome and love coming to the office….

But how can you convey this without sounding corny or banal?

*Drum Roll* We proudly present “Candidate Catcher” – an interactive game aimed at candidates.


Play to Work

Candidates receive a short digital experience.

that’s funny, memorable, and provides a glimpse into the company’s lifestyle.

The candidates gain firsthand knowledge of the company and can

even “interact” with future managers or their team.



Together we create a unique digital experience.

We showcase the office, the vibe, and the company’s vision

and mood in a fun and exciting way.



Can be sent to numerous eligible candidates.

Can be played at home.

Gives the company a friendly face.

We give you an edge and help you adapt to an ever-changing

environment while increasing efficiency.

Each recruiter to get a personalized game with his or her name.


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