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Workshop Games

The idea of playing a game dates to the ancient past and is considered an integral part of all societies.

For instance, Dice appears to be among the earliest games used by humans. Some of these games already served a “workshop”purpose;

for example, Mancala (a game designed around 1400 BC) was used as an accounting tool for trading animals and food.


Workshop games, some will call them serious games, employ the fundamental tools of gaming: competition, joy, and wonder.

We utilize these mechanisms to boost motivation and improve team learning, training, planning, and critical thinking in high tech and other industries.

The benefits are three-fold: enhanced learning experience, fun entertainment, and team bonding.

Workshop games is a fantastic tool to acquire organizational knowledge alone and in groups.


We bring colleagues together in a challenging, repetitive, and immersive training, while helping to boost morale through a sense of achievement.

Picture this, the team is playing together, doing their best to solve enigmatic riddle, communication challenge or an ARG task.

By doing so learning occurs as workshop goals are addressed.

We provide a playing-framework that follows an organizational methodology, Skill setting and compliance.


From the kickoff to the summary at the end, engaging employees via a wacky and funny storyline and intriguing puzzles.

The majority of our workshops can be adapted for a 1 on 1 learning course, for users that missed out on playing with the team.


Our secret sauce is an ability to merge employee engagement via fun and friendly competition with corporate training.

Simply put, workshop games yield better results. We specialize in creating fun and engaging games, turning corporate training on its head.

All Workshops are based on our proprietary tech. Content is handcrafted to fit your specific goals.


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