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The Webinar Hunt

How can you easily boost Webinar engagement?

Wondering why ending a webinar with a game is the best practice and should most definitely be a part of your webinar strategy? Here is an interesting read that explains the whys and the hows of webinars and how it can help drive audience engagement, improve learning, increase reach, and more.

Treasure Hunt

It’s simple, a ten-minute prize-based game will take your webinar to the next level. You don’t need us to tell you about the power of games. Games are amazing at creating engagement and keeping players interested, but they’re undoubtedly hard to create. That’s where we step in and help Turn your Webinar to an engaging treasure hunt. A new experience that improves learning and gets people excited.

Boost Listening & Learning

With a webinar, leaders can impart the right knowledge, training, and expertise. It also builds a relationship and a rapport by giving value first. But people are fed up with webinars and aren’t eager to sign up. By promising a treasure hunt at the start we create intrigue and a sense of competition. When the big day arrives, engagement levels are promised to be up the wazoo!

Competition To Boost Engagement

Games are a fantastic tool to acquire knowledge. When we compete, we bring our “A” game, we’re more engaged, collaboration is improved and we’re willing to go the extra mile. All just to prove we’re number one.

Nano Learning

Our treasure hunt is custom made to fit your content. The key points are made into fun nano games that ensure participants review and absorb knowledge. Nano learning has been proven to make learning not only an easy method of grasping information but also bringing learning to a wide array of employees.

The After Party

Once the webinar is complete, we can create a unique experience tailored for a single player, allowing those who missed out to enjoy the treasure hunt on their own accord. It’s a chance to relive the excitement and feel part of the group, all while learning and enjoying the webinar.


Our solution is unique and harnesses the power of gaming, all while improving learning via simple, easy, and fun games, each tailored to your unique content. Don’t miss this opportunity to turn your boring webinar into an exciting game.


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