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"Talent wins games,
but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

– Michael Jordan


To win, players need to collaborate


Play from home or from the office


Company customization; Live moderator; 45-90 minutes


Unwind and have a great team time


Dedicated app, not another “video call”


Apply & extend your employer brand strategy



You arrived at the office this morning, as every morning, a cup of coffee in one hand, a muffin in the other. You said hello to everyone and went into your morning meeting. Suddenly, you noticed something strange – one of the employees is missing. Now that you think about it, you haven’t seen her for the last couple of days.

This is the moment when your journey begins in an attempt to solve the mystery and find the missing employee. You quickly discover that her disappearance is not the whole story, and even far from it. As you progress, you become entangled in a messy and confusing affair that puts your company in danger, and nothing
about it is as it seems.


To receive your
free demo​

To receive your
free demo​

Amazing features

About the game

KidnAPPed is a Virtual Team Building activity designed for 3 to 100 players at a time.
Colleagues can be in the same room or scattered at different ends of the world.
During the game, colleagues will encounter complex escape-style puzzles, with each player
receiving only part of the information. The only way for team members to solve the riddles
and move forward in the game is to collaborate and interact with each other in the best possible way.

Team communication is a must for a win​

COVID-19 Notice

The coronavirus made numerous changes to our life and work habits. Social distancing is here to stay. KidnAPPed is the activity of remote team building as you play together but don’t need to be near each other.

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