team building

The Avarice Saga comprises Team Building and Team Bites.
A new way to have fun for the hybrid workplace throughout the year.

Team Building

Leader: HR

Team Size: typically, 10-500

Length: 60 to 120 minutes 

Frequency: typically, once a quarter 

Company customization: Yes

Moderator: Needed

Use case: Extreme fun.
Building company culture

Offering: Escape games, scavenger hunts, quiz shows, and more

Team Bites

Leader: Team leader or HR

Team Size: 5-25

Length: 10 to 20 minutes 

Frequency: Each month

Company customization: Yes

Moderator: Not needed

Use case: Meeting / happy hour kick-off. Maintain company culture

Offering: Who killed XX? Who am I? Family time, and so much more

While Team building is a more official/ festive event and is usually used to maintain cross- departments vibes, Team bites is a quick short, nice way to make your team do something nice and engaging once a month

By allowing team leaders to decide when and how to play each month, the hybrid working model gets a new distinctive quality. HR focuses on Big events while team leaders have a new tool to get team spirits up.



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