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An Alternate
reality game.

Team building experience that turns reality into a game.

“All that we see or seem is
but a dream within a dream.”

– Edgar Allan Poe

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To win, players must join forces

Poetry In Motion

Enjoy, unwind and have a great & memorable time together


Can be played anywhere, from the office or from home

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Part of a yearlong battle of brains. Full of fun, challenging and unique digital adventures

Avarice saga

No download, just a laptop and your wits


Company customization, 60 minutes of exciting gameplay


Like you never
played before


Small group, Huge one?
Fits every size

Simon Says

Perform tasks for the group
to rate

The Speech

CEO talks?
We made a riddle out of it


Web app. No hassle
simply click and play


Employees videos embeded within

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Your company is under attack by a powerful evil organization, its name – Avarice.
Its mission – to take over the world.
But you aren’t the type that kneels and surrenders, so your team and you decide to infiltrate
and stop Avarice from the inside.
It’s a simple but brilliant plan, you’re going to become an Avarice employee.
But now you must pass Avarice’s rigorous entrance test known as The Apocalypse.
It’s do or die, the game is on.


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Thinking outside the box


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Connect teams together

About the game

An Alternate reality game is all about blurring the line between reality and fiction.
A team of players step into an imaginary world – within our real world,
filled with remarkable poetry at the end of the world.
The objective is to solve unique challenges and riddles,
that can only be deciphered via real-world elements.


How to Win?

The road to victory is rough, you’ll have to work together,
utilize all your searching and deduction skills to solve challenging riddles,
decipher codes and think outside the box.
Together you’ll reveal the truth, overcome obstacles,
submerge into the depths of the internet, in hopes of ascending victorious.

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Copyrights © 2021 TOTEMTIME | All rights reserved.

Copyrights © 2021 TOTEMTIME All rights reserved.