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A Virtual Escape Game

60 minutes of action
pact puzzles
Can you find the password?

“There is no ‘I’ in team
but there is in win.”

– Michael Jordan

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To win, players must join forces


Enjoy, unwind and have a great & memorable time together


Can be played whenever you wish

Click & Play

No download, just a laptop and your wits


No need for an external moderator

The avarice Saga

Part of a yearlong battle of brains. Full of fun, challenging and unique digital adventures


Like you never
played before


Small group, Huge one?
Fits every size

Simon Says

Perform tasks for the group
to rate

The Speech

CEO talks?
We made a riddle out of it


Web app. No hassle
simply click and play


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Your boss was hacked, sensitive information was stolen,
you aren’t the type to just give up, it’s time to fight back!
You gather your team, a group of the best, smartest and bravest people you know.
Together you’ll break the cycle, it’s a bold plan, but you aren’t afraid.
It’s decided, you’ll break into the evil hacker’s offices.
Time to Invade, intercept and enjoy, Break a leg!


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About the game

The Break-in is an upside down escape game.
Players breaking in instead of escaping.
A team of players need to use all their wits and brass to enter an evil corporation,
filled with unique challenges and riddles, that can only be deciphered via
teamwork and thinking outside the box.
Once inside you’ll have to navigate the weird and scary departments,
each room is a new challenge, a new ploy, made to break your spirit.
The game is on, are you ready to break bad?

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Copyrights © 2021 TOTEMTIME | All rights reserved.

Copyrights © 2021 TOTEMTIME All rights reserved.